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Hello, my name is Iris! I grew up in France and have lived in the Netherlands since 1996, where I came to study Japanology. In my spare time I like being creative. Whether it concerns music, painting or drawing, once I get into the flow I can work around the clock. This is how I bring color into my life!


When I spent most of my time behind my drawing table. I was fascinated by stories with colourful images and I could look at endlessly at them. That never changed. I can still get lost in the pictures of a book. I have always thought it would be fun to write my own story with my own illustrations.

In 2019 I came up with an interesting story idea and with the aim of illustrating it myself, I started delving into digital design. It all started quite well but then I got stuck halfway through my storyline. At the same time, Christmas was approaching and I was asked to make a Christmas card. Merry Christmouse became my first project and before I knew it I could no longer stop making cards.

In this portfolio, my digital creations come together and some of my illustrations are printed in the form of cards. Life consists of special moments and every special moment requires a special card, right?. For an extra special character, I have my work printed on beautiful, thick, durable paper. An overview of my available cards can be found in my shop where you are very welcome! 

Handgemaakte kaarten van Artiristic.jpg


Do you want to work together? I'm always open to new challenges, let's get in touch!

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